About us

For 20 years now, Commel-Zagreb has been a synonym for cable confection in the region. Quality and safety are the main attributes of our products, such as cable reels, mobile power stations, extension sockets, extension cables, connection cables with inseparable moulded plugs.

Our products are intended for consumer market, DIY stores, industry of electronic devices and home appliances, professional workers in handicrafts, construction industry, shipbuilding, etc.

All of our products comlpy with the provisions of the Low Voltage Directive (LVD 2006/95/EC), the Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations (EMC) and the provisions of international standards CEE, EN, DIN VDE. All products are market with the CE mark. Connestion cables for industry of electronic devices and home appliances are also marked with the VDE mark.

Production capacity with highly productive technology exceeds the needs of domestic market, and therefore we also achieve great success in exporting our goods. The daughter company, Commel-Connection cables, Belgrade, Serbia also operates successfully.

In order to improve our customer service, this year we have invested in enlarging our existing warehouse storage space and office building.

We always aim to meet your needs.

Your suggestions and remarks are welcomed.

Thank you for successful cooperation!

yours truly,Commel

Why Commel?

01 60X40 DOING BUSINESS WITH US will ensure access to quality goods at competitive prices. We offer the complete service of goods delivery, shelf arrangement, care about our range of products in your retail outlets, warranty for certain products, action sales...
02 60X40 QUALITY is a priority of our company. All products comply with the provisions and requirements of the international standards.
03 60X40 WARRANTY on certain products up to 3 years
04 60X40 LOWER PRICES compared to the competition, because with us, you are at the starting point of the product - the manufacturer!
05 60X40 OUR RANGE OF PRODUCTS has been well known for years and is supplemented with new products every year. Also, our warehouse is supplied daily, so the deliveries are always compelte.
06 60X40 TAKING CARE FOR OUR PRODUCTS on your shelves is ours! In consultation with you, our merchandisers will visit your retail outlet and assist your employees with the presentation of goods, ordering, educate them about the technical characteristics of products and provide marketing material.
07 60X40 DELIVERY of goods in a very short time.
08 60X40 MODERNLY DESIGNED PACKAGING of our products is customized according to your needs and they are all marked with the EAN codes for the full automation of operations in warehouse and store.
09 60X40 TEAM OF EMPLOYEES whose positive attitude helps you in doing business with us. We are here for you!

Commel - Zagreb is a Croatian manufacturer.

Our quality is European.